How to Use 2-Way Humidity Control Packs for Cigars

Humidi-Cure™ 2 way humidity control pack inside a humidor filled with fresh cigars

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a good cigar, then you already know that the taste and aroma matter greatly. 

However, lacking or otherwise, factors such as moisture can change how both are preserved. 

To protect your cigars, connoisseurs must pay attention to the environment they are putting them into. It’s vital to regulate the moisture in your storage containers to keep things fresh. 

Where you live can also affect things: the more dry and hot, the easier drying out will be, but the moister it is, the more likely you’ll encounter mold. 

How to Get Started Using 2-Way Humidity Control Packs

Cigar lovers are beginning to turn to two-way moisture packs to assist in maintenance. The packs also help save cigars that have already begun to dry out or become moist. 

Here’s how to use and ensure 2 way humidity control packs are working for you.

Start by searching for “2 way humidity packs near me” online to find the best brands in the market. 

Many moisture packs contain liquid, so you’ll want to pick the best moisture packs for cigars that won’t leak or become corrosive over time.

Humidi-Cure™ 2-way humidity control packs do not contain liquid and won’t become corrosive. Adding an extra layer of peace of mind that your premium cigars are safe and sound. 

After purchasing, receiving, and opening your moisture packs, place them inside your humidor or wherever you store your cigars. 

As needed, the pack will release and absorb moisture in its environment until the preset relative humidity (RH) has been reached. 

How 2-Way Humidity Control Packs Work 

The packs work by regulating the environment inside storage containers immediately following placement, keeping the space fresh and mildew free. 

By releasing moisture into the air until optimal humidity is reached, two-way humidifiers like we’re talking about here save you the hassle of purchasing more cigars before you’re ready. 

The packs also ensure that the water vapor released is clean and pure, not changing your product’s taste, smell, or aroma. 

Finally, the best humidity packs for your cigars help fight those temperature fluctuations caused by opening and closing the box. 

Considering that humid or dry air may be entering the box and throwing things off, the humidifiers ensure that the environments stay constant. 

No matter what the levels might change during this time, the two-way humidity packs release or absorb as needed. 

Though small, the two-way humidity packs are a mighty tool to have on hand when it comes to protecting your cigars. 

Make sure if you try a pack out yourself to come back and tell us how it worked.

Other Innovative 2-Way Humidity Control Cigar Products 

ATMOSIScience Inc. has created various products to help solve humidity issues for an array of different industries.

Our products for cigars are perfect for any occasion and keep your stogies fresh, flavorful, and protect against mold

HumidiShield™ 2-way humidity control jars and ruksak™ 2-way humidity control bags will keep your stash fresh for months.

HumidiShield: 2-Way Humidity Control Tubes 

There are a lot of single or multiple holder cigar cases out there that are quality made but do not contain technology to preserve them simultaneously. 

These holders are usually made of leather or another durable material and are ideal for short-term travel, no more than a few days or a week. 

HumidiShield™ cigar tubes are designed to keep single premium sticks safe inside a hard plastic shell and preserve them for months at the same time. These tubes are great for both the short-term and long-term. 

For instance, if you enjoy cigars by the beach, you can throw a cigar inside the tube and rest assured that your stogie will be fresh and ready to enjoy and not damaged by the humidity. 

The 2-way humidity control disc that regulates the moisture levels is built right inside the lid of the tube, making it extremely easy to use.

ruksak: 2-Way Humidity Control Bags 

When traveling or purchasing cigars, you may have had cigars placed inside a Ziploc or plastic bag for temporary storage. 

Although convenient and inexpensive, they are not ideal for keeping your stogies in for the long-term for multiple reasons such as air seeping inside, sunlight exposure, and no way to ensure moisture levels. 

ruksak™ bags are airtight, tinted, and have advanced 2 way humidity control technology built inside. 

They offer people who like to travel or transport multiple cigars at once a convenient option. The bags are also great for cigar retailers and their customers. 

You rest easy if you forget to leave your ruksak™ bags containing expensive premium cigars in an area that’s too moist or dry.

Would you try 2-way humidity control products to keep your stogies fresh?

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