Why Has My Weed Become so Moist? What Should I Do?

Fresh buds after using 2-way humidity control packets

No one wants to open their favorite little storage container only to find that the weed inside of it is moist, but don’t fret. There’s a way to save damp weed.

However, first, you must know the difference between too wet and just right. Also, make sure that it’s not just a sticky feeling. 

Once the differences are sorted out, you’re ready to save that weed! 

How to Tell the Difference 

If squishy to a gentle squeeze, your weed has become too moist. The perfect specimen should feel just a little sticky with a bit of a bounce. 

They should feel like they’ve come into contact with honey without sticking to your fingers. 

If your bud seems spongy…I’ve got some bad news for you. 

Smoking Wet Weed 

Though not usually dangerous, smoking wet weed can be less than ideal. 

Chances are that it won’t burn correctly, will taste off, may be difficult to grind, and as a little side note, won’t get you nearly as high. 

It’s not that the weed has been chemically altered. Instead, it just won’t burn. 

Keep in mind buying weed that comes already too wet, means you’re getting ripped off. Call it a water tax, if you will. 

Wet weed boils down to more money spent, wasted time, and less of a buzz. 

Potential Health Issues from Smoking Moist Weed

Like anything else, wet weed welcomes a whole ecosystem of molds, bacteria, and fungus. 

Leaving it wet for too long means a likely chance of one or more of these affecting your enjoyment and overall health. 

Dangers of smoking wet weed include headaches, trouble breathing, and pneumonia. 

Make sure to dry it out as soon as possible and check it out thoroughly. 

If the smell is off, or you see anything that shouldn’t be there… step AWAY from the weed. 

How to Dry Moist Weed

One of the first drying methods you could try is most likely a familiar one if you have a phone: uncooked rice. 

Put the weed in a bowl and cover it with the rice to absorb the extra moisture. Leave it in for at least 24 hours to be safe. 

Next, try leaving it in a dry closed paper bag. Place said bag in a cool, dry place to hang out for a while; if you have access to a dehumidifier, it will undoubtedly help. 

Also, try wrapping it in a paper towel before placing it into the bag to absorb, even more, replacing it every couple of hours, and checking for mold. 

PRO TIP: Adding moisture packs will set your buds to the proper RH levels (62%), allowing for peace of mind that they are fresh, protected, not too moist, and mold-free.

The Cure 

Curing your buds properly is crucial to the process of growing and harvesting.

The equipment you use can make all the difference regarding moisture in your buds. If too damp, try the rice method but if too dry, try a two-way humidifier pack in a storage container.

Two-way humidifiers keep your buds at the ideal relative humidity, ensuring they won’t dry out, or get too wet. 

Above all, don’t take any shortcuts. Saved time could mean a loss of potency. 

Weed Storage

For the best storage, keep your weed in an airtight container in a dry, dark, and cool location. 

NO plastic bags! 

Storing weed like this may be ok for temporary needs.

However, the longer it stays in a regular plastic bag, the worse it is for your buds. 

One thing you can do to help this is throwing a weed moisture pack in.

Humidi-Cure™ 2-way humidity control packets 

Regarding storage, enhance your process by adding some weed moisture packs. They will remove or add the correct amount of humidity to ensure the quality. 

They also come with an RH level indicator that accurately measures the humidity percentage inside. 

The RH cards also have a minimally intrusive design, so you don’t need to keep opening your containers to check the RH level, which can lead to contamination like mold. 

HumidiShield™ 2-way humidity control discs

If you’re a regular cannabis user, you probably are very familiar with mason jars, as they are one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective ways of storing your bud. 

With HumidiShield™, you can turn your existing mason jar or container into a humidity control haven. 

You simply attach the 2-way control disc to the lid of your mason jar or container. They fasten on easily and have a compact design that snuggly fits inside the lid. 

ruksak™ 2-way humidity control bags 

Many cannabis storing bags out there are good at keeping air out of the bags. Yet, not all bags provide humidity control solutions built-in. 

Our ruksak™ bags keep your buds airtight and have innovative 2-way humidity control technology by ATMOSIScience™ Inc. built in to keep them at the perfect RH level, 62 percent. 

These bags also come with other standard features such as child-resistant designs and UV protection film, making them the ultimate weed storing bags.

Have you tried one of these methods to keep your weed fresh and mold-free? If so, let us know in the comments!

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