Why Every Humidor Needs 2-Way Humidity Packs

2-way humidity control packets inside a cigar humidor

For cigar aficionados, the perfect cigar is everything. The shape, color, size, cut, and lighting method all come together to create that perfect moment.

Then, of course, there is the matter of storage. How one stores their cigars is essential. Maintaining their freshness ensures top quality and enjoyment. To learn the best method for storing your cigars, keep reading. 

Like any other natural product, cigars should be kept in a carefully controlled area. Cigars need to be stored in a humidor until you want to smoke one, and only when absolutely necessary should they be kept in a sealed bag accompanied by a damp paper towel.

A humidor is a crucial tool for any aficionado to have. Simply put, a humidor is a storage container with controlled airflow and a device monitoring the humidity. These containers mimic those used by tobacco farms where they were fermented and packed. 

What is a Humidor? 

It’s important to keep the internal atmosphere of the humidor tropical to keep the cigars for years, ideally at 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit; the humidity range should clock in at around 70-75 percent. 

Please take note that humidors are not sealed devices. For this reason, it’s best to keep spaces between your cigars when storing them to keep air circulating in between them. Some may come with hygrometers that indicate the interior humidity. Digital meters are preferred if this is the case as they give a more accurate level. 

Even though the hygrometers are helpful, the best way to measure humidity is through the condition of the cigars. When observing the cigar, it is in perfect condition if little oil can be seen. However, if they are too dry more water must be added. If the cigars are moldy, you’ve now added too much water. 

Another thing to look out for is tobacco beetles. Tobacco beetles can quickly create holes in the contents of your humidor and typically occur when the temperature has been set above 75 degrees for over a single day. If this is the case, freeze the cigars for 48 hours before transferring them to a refrigerator for 24 more hours.

After that, they can be returned to the humidor as the beetles and any potential offspring will have been killed. Make sure to clean the humidor with a damp cloth using only distilled water before returning the cigars to their rightful place. 

Keeping a Humidor 

To keep your humidor performing top-notch, keep its door closed and regularly add distilled water to the humidifier. Don’t expose it to any extreme temperatures, such as direct sunlight exposure or resting on an air conditioner. 

Choosing Your Humidor

Like most products, the best humidors aren’t cheap. While it might leave a temporary sting in your wallet, it is the best choice to pick a top-of-the-line product rather than save a little cash.

When selecting a humidor, first think about what size you want. A general rule is to get one that is a little bigger than you think you might need.

Also, consider looking into local rental facilities that will allow you to store your stock to save room at home. Try Googling “2-way humidity packs near me.” Trust us. You’ll thank us later. 

Make sure to carefully read the instructions before you begin and pay close attention to how the rim and lids fit together. If something looks off, it’s best to skip it and keep looking.

A perfect fit is not what you want. Remember, there should be a little circulation that can occur but no actual visible warping. If it comes with a heavy lid, great. Humidors often rely on weight to keep lids closed, but a lock isn’t a bad idea either. Locks are also encouraged for security purposes, seeing as much premium cigar collections can be expensive.

The most important aspect of the humidor is the humidification device. Most are simple but don’t underestimate their power. The best humidity packs for cigars are two-way humidifiers. You want to look for a humidor with a nonaromatic cedar lining as cedar absorbs and releases moisture in a helpful manner.

This helps to age and mature the cigars. Keep your driest cigars positioned away from the humidification device to maintain proper humidity levels as evenly as possible. Despite all the things to keep in mind, finding the best humidor to fit your needs is easier than it sounds.

Especially when purchasing top-of-the-line products, the manufacturers have considered all the above factors for you. Be sure you love what you’re getting, as they certainly aren’t cheap but are works of art in their own right. 

Getting Used to the Humidor 

Setting up the humidor to hold your cigars will take some time. Most humidors are made of untreated Spanish cedar, so they must be seasoned before placing the cigars inside. To do so, take an unscented, unused sponge and wet it with distilled water to wipe down all exposed wood.

DO NOT use a paper towel or fraying cloth as it will leave remnants behind and ruin the wood. After wiping it down, add more water to the sponge, place it on top of a plastic bag inside the humidor, and close the lid. Move on to following the manufacturer’s instructions while the sponge sits. 

Always use distilled water unless directed otherwise by the manufacturer. Once you’ve reached the humidification level, wipe your device down and remove excess water. Place it on a hand towel for 30 minutes to sit.

Next, close the humidor with the damp sponge overnight. The next day refresh your device if needed by checking if the sponge is still wet. If not, add more distilled water but if so, leave it. Let the device sit another night, then remove the sponge and bag. It is now ready for your cigars. 


In some instances, dried-out cigars can be revived with a humidor. However, this will not be an easy task and will take several weeks. Slowly move the cigars from the outer corners into the middle of your humidor. 

All other methods of reviving cigars are myths. The humidor method is the only viable choice. Please, we beg of you, do not: 

  • Put your cigars in the bathroom and run the shower until the hot water gives out
  • Steam them in the upper rack of a dishwasher 
  • Sneak them into the steam room at the club 

Trust us, just don’t do it. 

Traveling with Your Cigars

When taking your cigars with you somewhere, store them in a travel humidor. Many of these will be small enough to fit in your briefcase or small bag.

Make sure it fits the size of your cigar and check its durability before purchasing. One large hinge is going to be better than two or more hinges. Also, make sure the humidification device will stay in place during movement. 

Moisture Level Control Solutions by Atmosiscience Inc.

Humidity-Cure™ 2-Way Humidity Control Packets

If you’re looking for quality humidity control packs, Atmosiscience Inc. has spent years developing products and brands to keep your premium cigars fresh, mold-free, and at the ideal humidity levels for your enjoyment. 

Many packs on the market are large, contain liquids, and can sometimes affect the cigar’s aromas and flavors. Humidi-Cure’scompact size and liquid-free packs are set at the ideal humidity level, 73%, to preserve and enhance your cigars

ruksak™ 2-Way Humidity Control Cigar Bags 

Cigar storing bags are ideal for light travel, let’s say, driving to a friend’s house or packing in your car for a road trip. The durable and flexible bag material makes it ideal for storing in compact places while keeping your products fresh with Atmosiscience advanced technology.

HumidiShield™  2-Way Humidity Control Cigar Tubes

Like ruksak™ storing bags, the cigar tubes are great for quick and easy on-the-go situations. The tubes offer more security due to the hard shell casing. These are great trips where luggage might be compacted or tossed around, such as in airports. Bags can easily get crushed. The tubes keep your precious cigars intact and fresh with Atmosisciences innovative 2-way humidity control technology. 

If you have decided that being a cigar aficionado is the perfect hobby, we’ve set you up for a good start. Share any helpful tips and tricks you’ve learned during your cigar journey below.

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