2-way humidity control in a rigid packaging with nothing “alien” touching the cannabis? 2-way humidity control in a cigar tube which is not big enough for a humidity packet to fit in? HumidiShield™ is the answer.

HumidiShield™ is a 2 way humidity control disc that can be fastened to the inner side of a rigid container’s closure lid through friction fit. The container can be a mason jar or a plastic bottle for cannabis, or a cigar tube designed to protect a  premium cigar. Only a light press with a finger is needed to lock the disc in place. No holder is required. There would be low to no contact between the disc and the content in the container, hence no worries for contamination while the disc works to provide the right climate to protect the products.

This cutting-edge product is best suited for customers who do not want the hassle of checking out and changing any 2 way humidity packets, or the size of the container simply does not allow it. The disc can be customized to different RH levels, and the size and shape of containers.

HumidiShield™ absorbs and releases moisture to maintain the RH level it is made to achieve. The formulation inside the disc is patented in the U.S.A..

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