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When you decide to smoke one of your cigars, are you missing out on some of its sweet undertones? Is it without the toffee, coffee, or caramel? Your culprit for a satisfying puff might just be humidity fluctuations. If you want to unlock all the flavor you can from your cigar, stabilizing the RH is your first step.

Fluctuating Humidity Causes Loss of Flavor & Essential Oils

Like with wine, aging, fine cigars mature the oils and sugars within them and enhance their flavors over time. That makes aging them worth investing in.

Since tobacco is hygroscopic, it can emit and draw moisture from its environment. This causes fluctuations in humidity, which makes it difficult for the oils and sugars within the cigar.

If you want to age your products successfully, you need proper storage and humidity control. Without this, your RH levels will never stabilize, and you’ll end up with stale, weak flavors.

When your products have too much moisture, it can be difficult to light, the tobacco leaves swell, and it becomes challenging to draw smoke through the tobacco. It can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and cigar beetles if it gets too wet, which is never something you want to find when smoking.

Being too dry also has negative consequences. The oils and sugars in the filler, binder, and wrapper never fully bond to each other, depriving you of the flavors you’d otherwise achieve. The flavor’s stale, and the cigar burns too fast and too hot, shortening the smoking experience.

Refilling/Rewetting Makes RH Fluctuate

There are two mortal enemies of fancy cigars: poor storage environments and inferior humidification products. Poor storage can be anything, from a leaking humidor to the backseat of your car, rolling around with no protection. A faulty humidification product can’t control the changing environment such as sponges, gels, or beads.

When you add water to a refillable device, humidity spikes, aiding mold or mildew growth. The humidity steadily drops when that water evaporates, taking the cigar’s character and flavor. These can also create off-flavors in your cigars.

Eliminate Humidity Fluctuations to Properly Age Cigars

To properly age your cigars, store them in an airtight environment like an acrylic humidor. If you use a wooden humidor, season it before adding your products. It’s suggested to use products like Humidi-Cure™, HumidiShield™ , and ruksak™  to add or remove any water vapor needed for your products.

2 way humidity control solutions: Humidi-Cure™, HumidiShield™ & ruksak™ 

Atmosiscience, a company with decades of experience in humidity control solutions, created the three brands to help solve everyday problems for many industries that face these humidity issues. Industries like cannabis, tobacco, art supplies, wooden instruments, and more.

Each of the three brands has its own unique focus for helping maintain freshness and prevent contamination in the cannabis and tobacco spaces. Also, they all contain innovative and proprietary 2 way humidity control technology that uses no liquid, which is new for the industry.

Humidi-Cure™ 2 Way Humidifier Packs:

  • Cigar moisture packs
  • Helps cigars light and burn well
  • Maintain cigar flavors and aromas
  • Helps prevents mold and contamination
  • 73% RH level for proper moisture levels
  • Can keep cigar fresh for up to 120 days
  • Small pack size, perfect for most humidors and containers
  • Complimentary RH indicator card that shows levels at all times
  • Can customize packs to specific RH levels for your desired purposes
  • No risk for leaking
  • Save the effort for replacing liquid/ gel in a humidor 

Cigar Tubes with HumidiShield™ inside :

  • One of its kind in the cigar market – a tube which functions like a humidor
  • Easy and user-friendly tube design
  • RH levels ideal for premium cigars, 73%
  • Slender design ideal for compact placements
  • Specific customizations available

ruksak™  Cigar Bags:

  • Prevents odor when bag is sealed
  • Correct RH level (73%) for products
  • Ideal for sustaining flavor and aroma
  • Store your cigars for up to 12 months
  • Created with lightweight and durable materials
  • Can request specific customizations
  • Suitable for cigars in any size

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