Is Where You’re Living Ruining Your Hemp or Cannabis

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Where you live may be affecting your herbal weed. In fact, it definitely is. Understanding how your climate affects your weed will allow for the proper preservation of the product, protecting your investment. Let us break down what you need to know about proper climate-friendly storage and maintaining ideal environments for your hemp or cannabis.

Ocean Living

Living in an oceanic climate where most of the time the weather will be cool and wet with a narrow temperature range, mold can be a problem. These conditions formulate heavy humidity, the enemy of flower storage. To solve this problem, store your herb in an enclosed jar with HumidiShield™  2-way humidity control disc, add a Humidi-Cure™ 2-way humidity control packet in a regular container, or throw your products into a ruksak™ 2-way humidity controlbag to absorb excess moisture.

Mountain Living

Also referred to as the highland climate relates to living above the treeline. Opposite of the oceanic problem, mountain living has dry, cold air that can dry out your product. To save your flower, place a weed moisture pack that will add extra humidity into a container with your product. The pack will release humidity until the container reaches a relative humidity of 55-62%, which will boost the herb’s environment and shelf life.

Humid Living

If you live in the subtropics such as the southeast U.S., the main issue faced will be hot and humid, rain-filled summers with the possible random frosts in the winter. Heavy rain and humidity create a wet environment that is simply too much for the hemp or cannabis flower to handle. Like oceanic living, place a pack into the container with your product that will suck out excess humidity to regulate storage best.

Desert Living

In the southwestern portion of the U.S., hot and dry climates are a problem. Summers are hot, but the desert temperatures drastically drop at night and may lead to a freeze. At higher elevations, snow might even be an issue.

Overall, these areas are dry, making it hard to cultivate and maintain the product. Like mountain living, add a weed moisture pack that will release humidity into the storage areas to keep your product happy.

2 Way Humidity Control Products to Use From Atmosiscience

Atmosiscience has decades of experience in creating humidity solutions. The company created three brands that focus on solving humidity control issues by utilizing their innovative 2 way humidity control products for cannabis users. 

The three brands also cater to industries outside the cannabis, such as cigars/tobacco products, wooden instruments, art supplies, and more, protecting all of your favorite products and hobbies in any climate. Humidi-Cure™, HumidiShield™, and ruksak™  produce products to help users receive the most enjoyment from their products. 

Humidi-Cure™ Weed Moisture Packs

Have you ever left your weed in a bag for a while only to come back and find it dried out and brittle? If yes, you already know the headaches of spending your hard-earned money on weed just for it to spoil.

Take it a step further, if you’ve ever left your buds out for too long or in any bag or regular container, you could come back to find mold. This problem can ruin your enjoyment but can be harmful to your health.

On the flip side, if you’re a grower or dispensary owner, errors in storing your cannabis flower can also lead to mold, negatively affecting customers and hurting brand reputations.

This is precisely what all Atmosiscience products aim to stop. Humidi-Ciure™  does so with its proprietary cannabis moisture packs containing no liquid. These packs can help store your weed for over a year and are small enough to fit in most weed storing containers and bags.

The products also come with complimentary RH indicator cards to help avoid physical contact with your buds and lessen the chances of contamination. It’s safe to Humidi-Cure™  thought of it all when it comes to consumer’s needs.

Jars and Tubes with HumidiShield™ inside

Similar to Humidi-Cure™, HumidiShield™’s products solve the same problem but in a different fashion. Storing cannabis properly is crucial for long-term enjoyment, and the correct RH levels (62% for weed) play a large part in that enjoyment.

HumidiShield™ helps facilitate your enjoyment of these products with its 2 way humidity disc that fastens onto common containers such as mason jars. This makes it easy to store your products in existing containers and allows for peace of mind that your cannabis is protected. These are some reasons that make these  jars a perfect solution for a spectrum of cannabis users.

ruksak™  Weed Bags

Time to get to the bag, literally. ruksak™’s weed storing bags act as a 2 way humidifier for cannabis products and utilize the same technology as Humidi-Cure™ and HumidiShield™. The weed bags are a malleable option, making them great for travel or storing in tight spots.

ruksak™  bags are also child-resistant, so rest assured that children can not easily access them if left out. Not all bags are created equal, so if you’re curing cannabis in large amounts or occasional users and need to store your weed for up to 12 months safely, ruksak has you covered.

Staying Cool, Calm, and Collected

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge on how to store your bud properly in any climate, all you need is the tools. Check out our blog section for more informative weed and cigar storing content.

Also, be sure to check out all of our products that fit your needs, and please reach out if you have any custom specifications. Humidi-Cure™, HumidiShield™, and ruksak™ humidity control solutions are customizable because we can create sizes that match your lifestyle.

Where do you live, and how do you store your dried and cured cannabis?

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