ATMOSIScience Announces Three New Game-Changing Products for Cigar Consumers


ATMOSIScience released three new products to the cigar market

ATMOSIScience released three new products to the cigar market: Humidi-Cure™, ruksak™,and HumidiShield™. All three products ditch the liquid packets or silica beads typical in the cigar industry. ATMOSIScience has developed an FDA approved, biodegradable fiber solution that preserves the humidity, quality, and longevity of cigars.



ATMOSIScience took their patented fiber humidity control and applied it to individual cigar tubes. The cap of each tube has a small disc. This disc will not only preserve the quality of cigars, but can also revitalize cigars that are too moist or too dry. This product can be reused and continue to work for up to a year after purchase. This new product is not only an amazing addition to an individual consumer, but also an incredible product for cigar providers to carry for their consumers.



This solution utilizes the same humidity control technology, but instead incorporates the material into the walls of the bag. When consumers bring multiple cigars on vacation or carry extra for friends and colleagues, many opt for a plastic bag or just a shirt pocket. The new to market ruksak™ bag not only carries and stores cigars safely and efficiently, but also preserves their quality and taste. It truly is a new way of operating for cigar lovers.



Unlike HumidiShield™ and ruksak™, Humidi-Cure™ was made for the consumer who needs humidity protection but wants to use their own method of storage. This solution utilizes the exact same technology as ATMOSIScience’s other two releases, except it comes in a wide variety of sizes based on the methods and sizes the individual consumer is using for storage. Anywhere from a cigar or two to whole humidors, these packets allow personal storage flexibility. These packets just simply need to be put in the storage method the consumer chooses and will immediately do its job.

How do they work?

ATMOSIScience utilizes composite materials, in which the water absorption of organic polymer materials is brought into play, while inorganic fillers increase the ion concentration in the polymer, the osmotic pressure increases on the inner and outer surfaces of the polymer, and accelerate the water on the outer surface of the polymer to enter the interior. Through utilizing organic and inorganic materials in the fiber composition, the moisture absorption capacity and moisture absorption rate of the composite humidity control materials are increased, and the moisture release capacity and speed are also greatly improved. This patented technology is a game changer to the cigar industry and beyond.

About ATMOSIScience

ATMOSIScience’s goal is to find solutions across industries to serve our customers with stringent standards for microclimate management. They are a team of serial inventors with over 20 years of protecting and empowering customers through humidity control solutions and technology. ATMOSCIScience revolutionizes the humidity industry through providing reliable and precise humidity control through biodegradable, non-electric, eco-friendly methods.

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