Tired of Your Expensive Cigars Drying? Keep Reading.

Premium cigars without humidity control

Cigars are expensive. That’s a fact and not even a surprising one. 

It makes sense that you might not want to spend more money reviving them after they’ve dried out. They can dry out for several reasons. The most common cause is humidity. 

The best conditions for storing cigars are at around 70% relative humidity and around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. When these conditions aren’t met, the items can suffer the consequences. 

Although cigars don’t dry out too quickly, restoring them is quite the process. To save your products after they’ve been dried, follow the instructions below. 


Think about how the cigar feels to you when you pick it up. It should be somewhat soft and give a little pressure slightly. Anything more than that, and it’s no good. If your product is dry, it will feel too firm with very little give. Try not to crack the wrapper leaf to fix the dry cigar because salvaging it will be nearly impossible if that breaks. 

Gradual Introductions 

Your first reaction might be to douse your cigars with water when you’ve discovered they’re dry but stop! DO NOT DO THAT. Rehydrating needs to happen gradually to keep them fresh successfully. 

Cigars lose hydration four times faster than they can take it in, so slow and steady wins this race. If kept in a humidor regularly, place the products in a zip bag or seal container containing a humidity source. 

Re-Season Your Humidor 

In the case of your cigars drying out, re-prep your humidor like you did when first setting it up. Wipe down the interior with distilled water, then close the lit and let it sit for a day; repeat. 

Refill your humidification unit with distilled water and wait for the RH level to reach a consistency of around 70%.

When your cigars have recovered and enough time has passed, either return them to their humidor or continue storing them in a humidification bag.

You’ll know you’ve saved them when you gently squeeze them, and they meet the expectations described earlier. 

Rotate Your Cigars

It’s crucial to rotate when reviving your products. Make sure the same cigars aren’t always near the humidification source to avoid fluctuating humidity levels. 

Exposing them to even distributions ensures optimal flavor and burn. When stacking the cigars, DO NOT fill to max capacity. Leave about 20-25% of space open for airflow. 

Once restored, give them the final test by smoking one. You want an even burn, perfect draw, and great flavor for the best results. 

Remember, although revived, they may be missing the flavors that used to be there. However, it’s better to try and salvage your cigars rather than throw them away! 

Humidi-Cure™ 2-Way Humidity Control Packets 

The best option for rehydration is humidity packs, specifically those that are 2-way. The packs are made to deliver preselected humidity levels that won’t be released too quickly and requires no difficult maintenance through a hygrometer. 

Consider that cigars naturally expand and contract if they get too much humidity too quickly, POOF! They’ll explode. Do not go over 73% humidity as that is the highest, which is the safest level for storage. 

Remember that most cigar lovers don’t store past 69% RH for this reason. If too much humidity is released, you can shock your products. 

Using a standard humidifier rather than a two-way humidifier is crucial to carefully and accurately monitor the humidity with a hygrometer. (If you are using a Humidi-Cure™ packet, then you do not need a hygrometer. An RH Indicator Card will come with each Humidi-Cure™ that you buy, free-of-charge.)

At first, add enough hydration to have humidity levels in the lower 60s and slowly introduce more water to increase the numbers. 

Remember that a standard unit requires more maintenance than a two-way humidifier, but it’s still a good option for storage. 

ruksak™ 2-Way Humidity Control Bags

These durable, lightweight, humidifying bags are perfect for easy travel situations where you just need to place your cigars into something to keep them fresh but don’t want to lug around a jar or container. 

The compact size of the bags makes it easy to store them in compartments and small spaces. The bags will also maintain your product’s aroma and flavor, which is very dear to many cigar lovers. 

Cigar Tubes with HumidiShield™ 2-Way Humidity Control Disc

The cigar tubes offer more protection for premium sticks due to the hard shell design. These are ideal for more rugged compartments and spaces. Your products stay fresh due to the innovative humidity control disc secured inside the tube’s lid. 

About Atmosiscience Inc.

Atmosiscience has many years of experience crafting solutions designed to protect your favorite hobbies, interests, and products through innovative humidity control technology. All of their brands and products are designed to do just that.

Final Message

Overall, investing in a top-quality humidor is the best way to prevent cigars from drying out. Cigars are an expensive hobby, but for those who love them, it’s well worth it. Let us know if you have saved cigars from the brink of death and what the experience was like below.

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