The New Way To Store Cigars: HumidiShield™ Powered Cigar Tubes

ATMOSIScience is an up-and-coming name in the cigar industry. In the past year they have released six new and patented products alone. All of their products are revolutionary to the storage industry. They threw away the concept of saline solution packets or silica beads for a sleek fiber based material. This not only provides a higher caliber value and feel to customers but is also FDA approved and biodegradable. They’ve applied this patented technology to three products for cigars:  ruksak™, Humidi-Cure™, and HumidiShield™.

What is HumidiShield™ ?

HumidiShield™ has excited cigar businesses and consumers alike. It is a cigar tube with a small disc of their patented technology in the cap. This 2-way humidity control cigar tube uses the disc in the cap to maintain the RH level in the tube at 73%, the cozy spot for a cigar. Each HumidiShield™ can last for as long as six months once the tube is opened for use. This not only stores and preserves aroma, quality, and taste, but it can also revitalize cigars that are slightly too wet or too dry.

The release of this product is a shockwave to the cigar industry. It’s going to give sellers the opportunity to increase not only the longevity and quality of their products, but also show their customers they are reliable and are taking the best steps to ensure the best products. This gives cigar sellers a competitive advantage that may snag them some new returning customers. Consumers can even go online to buy a tube of their own to use. This solution provides more protection than a plastic bag, the ability to save cigars from the poolside moistness , and a sleek and easy way to travel. Many cigar enthusiasts will use a humidor to maintain large scale quality and will then travel with their cigar in a plastic baggie, immediately driving down the quality they worked so hard to maintain and upkeep.

What is the science behind it?

ATMOSIScience’s packets are composite materials, which means the packets are a mixture of multiple materials. Through utilizing organic and inorganic materials in the fiber composition, the moisture absorption or release, and the speed which it happens, is greatly increased compared to the current market methods of humidity control. The inorganic fillers increase the ion concentration in the polymer, which increases osmotic pressure, and causes the acceleration of water to enter and exit the packets. The composition of material types is what makes these packets two way control, they can both take moisture and give moisture when needed to the cigar.

Take Away

HumidiShield™ caters to a high quality lifestyle and a desire for precision care. This two way humidity control disc can both add and remove moisture based on the need of the cigar. Because of its low cost compared to other traditional methods like humidors or electric humidity control boxes, it’s ideal for both the person who only occasionally purchases cigars and wants to maintain their treat or the type of person who needs a travel container for their frequent puffs at the poolside.

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