The Way You’re Storing Weed Might Be Causing Mold

The storing of cannabis has changed a lot, and rapidly at that. Keeping your cannabis in plastic baggies stashed in your jean pockets just isn’t necessary anymore. 

However, even with improvements to packaging, other concerns such as mold have arisen. While developing in storage, mold poses a danger to both the plant’s health and yours. 

So what exactly are their dangers? 

Mold in Weed Storage

When first taken from curing rooms, cannabis is more often than not free from mold as long as producers have heeded all precautions to prevent it. 

After it is transferred to containers though, the risk of mold jumps significantly due to exposure to high humidity levels. 

Exposure will continue to grow each time the container is opened for the remainder of the cannabis’ product life. This risk can be significantly reduced, however, with the use of cannabis moisture packs. 

The two main types of mold are known as “bud rot” or botrytis cinerea and aspergillus. Bud rot is known for wrecking the plant by working from the stem outwards, killing the bud, and turning the cola into a squishy mess. 

It can be identified through gray-white wisps. Bud rot is found only on the plants and is common in colas that receive little airflow, retaining moisture. It cannot develop post-harvest. 

Aspergillus is a common mold found on more than just the buds. In high air concentrations, Aspergillus spores pose a specific danger to those with damage to their lungs and weakened immune systems. 

It can be found in soil or elsewhere with high moisture content. Unlike its counterpart, Aspergillus can affect cannabis post-harvest. 

Damage to Your Health 

After mold exposure, your cannabis will be useless after exposure to mold, and smoking an infected product can cause serious harm. Cannabis found with mold must be immediately discarded to protect user health

Any cannabis found with Aspergillus can result in infections of which high concentration can lead to regular coughing, fatigue, and hemoptysis. 

For those with compromised immune systems, it could turn into invasive pulmonary aspergillosis spreading further than the lungs and in the worst-case scenario, results in death. 


Of course, the best way to ensure that mold doesn’t happen is to pack your product into a consistently dry environment. Another way to ensure safe storage is the use of cannabis moisture packets. 

Moisture packets have two uses: ensuring 62% relative humidity and 55% relative humidity. Choose based on how dry you want your product to be, but both will keep your cannabis protected from higher humidity levels. 

2-Way Humidity Control Products by Atmosiscience Inc. for Weed


Weed moisture packs that will keep your buds fresh at the perfect humidity level (62%). These compact packs are great for sliding inside common cannabis containers such as mason jars. 

Benefits of Packets:

  • Innovative and proprietary technology 
  • Preserves terpene profile and aromas
  • 3x faster activation rate than other brands
  • Packs DO NOT contain any liquids inside
  • Compact size that fit inside most containers
  • Custom moisture levels available upon request
  • Free RH level indicator card that allows for limited flower contact


Weed storing bags that are ideal for quick and easy travel and transportation. Our ruksak ™ bags contain the same innovative technology that are in the Humidity-Cure ™ weed moisture packs. 

Benefits of Bags: 

  • Child resistant 
  • Ideal RH levels for weed (62%)
  • Great for around 3.5g of flower
  • Discrete design (all black color)
  • Maintains pot aromas and terpenes
  • Built-in humidity control technology
  • Bags are customizable upon request


Like the other brands, HumidiShield™ focuses on 2-way humidity control but with a twist, literally. 

Many cannabis users are familiar with common storage containers such as mason jars to prevent their buds from becoming dry and in some cases moldy.

HumidiShield™ is a humidity control disc that easily fastens to existing weed containers. Saving you money, time, energy and your bud! 

Benefits of Discs:

  • Innovate 2-way humidity control technology
  • RH levels geared towards cannabis (62%)
  • RH levels can customized if requested
  • Keeps aromas and terpenes in tact
  • Attaches onto existing containers

Have you ever experienced moldy or really dry weed? Let us know how you handled it in the comment section below!

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