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Premium cigars need attention and care. Humidors, bags, or tubes, we customize humidity control solutions for your packaging strategy like no other.

It is hard to draw smoke through a damp cigar, and the dampness would cause an uneven burn . On the other hand, a cigar which is too dry will burn fast and hot . It can even lose its flavor when it is so dry that its essential oils evaporate. Making sure the 70 70 rule is abided by and keeping the moisture in a cigar between 12% and 15% before a smoke, requires effort.

While it is well understood that humidity control is vital to creating and maintaining the quality of a cigar, the availability of the right humidity control products and solutions in the market is a challenge. The current products available in the market are either providing only 1-way humidity control (only absorb OR release moisture), could not fit into the packaging, or simply too expensive to operate.

All ATMOSIScience’s products provide 2-way humidity control at a precise relative humidity (RH) level. They come in different format , i.e. packets, bags, and discs customizable for different cigar packaging; and save energy consumption while providing even and stable humidity control for a sizable space, i.e. our 2-way humidity control building materials and intelligent microclimate control system for cigar ageing, transportation, and storage purposes.

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