7 Ways to Save & Protect Your Expensive Cigars From Drying Out

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Sometimes people give us things we have no intention of using now but might one day like cigars, for example. 

However, cigars don’t stay perfect forever, at least not on their own.

They need the help of a humidor, among other methods, so they don’t dry out.

Luckily, many of these methods include things you probably already have around the house. 

Method 1: The Ziploc Bag

To shortly store a cigar, a zip bag and a moist sponge will do the trick. 

Wet the sponge and ring out extra water. 

Next, place it inside the bag, sealed tightly.

For the next several weeks, the sponge will serve as a humidifier. 

Be sure to check on the cigars and sponge semi-regularly. 

Method 2: Tupperware or Jar

For even better protection, look no further than your kitchen. 

A Tupperware container or glass jar works well as a humidor, especially if storing more than two cigars.

Use distilled water with a sponge to moisten the container as it will help prevent mold and lower exposure to chemicals that would change flavoring. 

Method 3: Small Cooler

If keeping them for longer than a few months, a cooler is your next best option.

Any size will work depending on how many cigars you plan on keeping there. 

Coolers keep the relative humidity, well, relatively the same.

Consider adding a gallon of distilled water with a two-way humidification device and a hygrometer. 

This setup will require very little attention.

Method 4: Humidors

If you’re a cigar lover, you are likely already familiar with humidors. 

They are probably the most official go-to method for storing your cigars properly and keeping them fresh.

Humidors come in all shapes and sizes, prices, materials, and more. 

So, when selecting a humidor, the main factors to consider are size, budget, material, and aesthetics. 

Method 5: Humidi-Cure™ 2-way humidity control packets 

Whether you use a baggie, Tupperware, jar, cooler, or a humidor, try adding a weed moisture pack.

These humidity control packets are great for preserving your cigars, aromas, and flavor by keeping them at the ideal humidity level of 73 percent.

Toss a pack into your storage method and use our complimentary RH level card to monitor the humidity levels accurately.  

Method 6: HumidiShield™ 2-way humidity control tubes

These humidity control cigar tubes are designed for single premium sticks and are perfect for traveling. 

The tube protects your cigar from getting crushed and contains innovative 2-way humidity control technology inside the lid to keep your cigar at the ideal RH levels (73), fresh, and ready for enjoyment.

Method 7: ruksak™ 2-way humidity control bags 

These mighty bags contain the same innovative humidity control technology as the above products. 

The transparent cutout on the bags allows you to view your cigars, and the easy-to-open and close zippers mean you can just slide your cigars inside, store them in a protected area, and let the magic happen. 

Whatever method you choose, do your best to keep the cigars at the top performance level. 

Let us know which option you used and how well it worked below!

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