RH 73% HumidiShield™ Powered Cigar Tube | 5 tubes | 1″ X 6.7″


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The cigar tube equipped with HumidiShield™ disc provides 2-way humidity control to protect your cigar in it. HumidiShield™ 2-way Humidity Control Disc is made with a U.S. patented technology that creates and maintains the relative humidity (RH) level in the tube at 73% throughout its lifespan. The cigar kept in a tube with HumidiSheild™ inside stays fresh and aromatic. Each HumidiShield™ can last for as long as six months once the tube is opened for use (frequent opening of the tube will reduce its lifespan).

Caution: Please do not remove the plastic wrapper for each individual cigar tube until you are ready to use the tube; please keep the tubes in a cool, dry place.

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