Here’s How to Prevent Mold & Dryness for Your Cigars

Dried out cigars that need 2 way humidity control near a humidor

Fresh cigars are among some of the best things in the world. However, nothing can ruin that faster than mold; something cigar connoisseurs are unfortunately all too aware of. 

So, how can you recognize the signs of mold and do your best to ensure it doesn’t happen to you? 

The first step should be an obvious one. 

Make sure that what you’re seeing is actually mold. If it is mold, throw away your affected stogies and humidor. 

Be aware that a well-aged cigar might be covered in a crystalline resembling mold, but at closer inspection, it should be easy to tell if it is genuinely mold or plume. 

Plume occurs when oils inside the cigars have surfaced on the wrapper leaf and then crystallize. 

If your stogies are wrapped up in plastic wrap, plume may appear to be hazy. 

Plume will usually cover the cigar wholly and is white or gray. Mold, however, isn’t necessarily going to cover the cigar entirely. 

Like mold appearing on other objects, moldy stogies will appear splotchy and have a smell to them. Mold can grow in multiple colors, including red, green, black, or yellow, other than white/gray. 

Mold has a bumpy texture compared to plume and will be thicker; mold will not be easily wiped away while plume will be. 

For a final confirmation, check the foot of your cigar as a severe mold infection will have spread here (disregard immediately). However, plume will not form in this spot. 

Knowing whether or not a cigar is safe to smoke is vital. Some molds do not cause harm, while others are highly toxic, and the differences are nearly impossible to tell apart. To be safe, if any mold has appeared on your cigars, throw them away promptly. 

Smoking cigars that have obtained mold will undoubtedly result in mold spores being inhaled, which is very dangerous. 

Mold spores that are inhaled are more toxic than those that have been ingested or absorbed through the skin. 

Inhaled mold has various side effects, including stuffiness, wheezing, eye irritation, or skin irritation. At the same time, more severe reactions are possible for those with a mold allergy or immunocompromised. 

The actual side effects depend on the type of mold you have come in contact with and where they are deposited within the body. 

If your humidor has been in contact with mold, first discard the infected cigars and consider removing those that may not have been infected, as spores can easily spread. 

If you are sure some were not affected by the spread, it’s possible to attempt to clean them with a dry cloth and a small amount of alcohol. 

Store the cigars in airtight containers in a freezer or refrigerator for a week. If the mold persists, throw them away. 

Whatever you decide to do with the cigars, it’s important to clean the humidor properly by using a dry cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the interior walls. 

This will eliminate any mold on the wood but may also stain it (this is another sign you were dealing with mild and not plume). 

Place the humidor on the table to dry and air out for a day. Once this part of the process is done, start seasoning and humidifying until it has reached ideal humidity before inserting stogies.

The best way to keep your cigars safe from mold is to pay close attention to the levels inside of your humidor. 

Another way to help fight mold is to purchase the best humidity packs for your humidor, which are 2 way humidity control packs. 

At some point, no matter how hard you try, you may encounter mold inside your humidor at some point. This does not mean that the above methods aren’t worth it. Rather the exact opposite.

Any opportunity you have to reduce the risk of mold forming is extremely important. Following the steps outlined above can go a long way to keep your stogies and you safe. 

Tools to Keep Your Premium Cigars Fresh, Flavourful, & Mold-Free

Whether you smoke regularly, occasionally, or on special occasions, there’s nothing worse than getting ready to enjoy a nice stogie to find it’s either too dry or too moist. Or worse, moldy. 

Products like humidors and moisture packs for cigars are great for keeping your premium sticks at the ideal humidity level, 73%. 

Our company, ATMOSIScience Inc., has been a leader in 2-way humidity control solutions for years. We’ve designed products for cigar lovers to help preserve their stogies: Humidi-Cure™, HumidiShield™, and ruksak™.

Humidi-Cure™ 2-Way Humidity Control Packs for Cigars

Moisture packets for cigars have been a popular, easy-to-use, effective, and inexpensive solution for keeping cigars at the ideal RH levels of around 73%

Humidi-Cure™ 2-way moisture packs are a perfect choice. They use advanced technology that doesn’t contain liquid, allowing users peace and mind of leaks or becoming corrosive. 

HumidiShield™ 2-Way Humidity Control Tubes for Cigars

Cigar cases are commonly used and great for transporting a limited amount of stogies for short durations. However, you wouldn’t want to leave your sticks in these cases for an extended period of time.

HumidiShield™ cigar tubes are a good solution for single sticks because they can handle the elements, control the humidity, and protect your cigars simultaneously. 

The tube caps contain the same advanced technology used for Humidi-Cure™ moisture packs to ensure freshness for extended periods. 

ruskak™ 2-Way Humidity Control Storing Bags for Cigars 

If you want to go somewhere without taking your humidor with moisture packs inside or want to carry around more than a few stogies, this is where ruksak™ bags come in handy! 

They offer cigar lovers the best of both worlds. These UV-tinted, airtight, and 2-way humidity-controlled bags will keep multiple of your favorite stogies safe and fresh. 

Just like HumidiShield™ contains the 2-way humidity control technology inside the tube caps, ruksak™ bags have the same technology built inside, ensuring a nice smoke break whenever and wherever you are. 

Have you encountered mold in your humidor before? If so, tell us how you handled it in the comments.

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