15 Amazing Weed Strains You Need To Try & How to Keep Them Fresh

Fresh cannabis buds

Deciding which strain of cannabis to try can be a difficult task. After all, there are so many to choose from! 

The safest way to pick depends on three factors: how you want to feel, where you’ll be, and what other strains you’ve enjoyed. However, there are at least 15 strains that everyone should try at some point. 

Before you choose one, remember that everyone is different; your body might respond differently than someone else, so always use caution and be safe when trying something new. 

Each strain we’ve listed includes its lineage, type, dominant terpene, compatible activities, backstory, and why it’s been chosen. 

Without further ado, here are 15 amazing cannabis strains. 

1. Sour Diesel – From the Sativa strain, Sour Diesel’s dominant terpene is caryophyllene. 

This strain’s lineage includes Chemdog and Super Skunk. 

Also known as Sour D, Sour Diesel is named for its pungent, diesel-Esque smell. It first came out in the ‘90s delivering an energized, dreamy, and cerebral effect to its smokers. 

This type is great for being outdoors and completing jobs. It made its way onto our list for still being one of the most popular Sativa strains, smelling just like its name, and promoting productivity. 

2. Maui Wowie – From the Sativa strain, Maui Wowie’s dominant terpene is myrcene. 

This lineage comes from Hawaiian and is great for going outside or just hanging out. 

Maui Wowie is one of the most classic Sativa strains and combines the tropical flavors of Hawaii, like pineapple, and offers a high-energy euphoria with stress relief. 

For these reasons, Maui Wowie sits at number two on our list. 

3. Super Silver Haze – Continuing with the trend, as part of the Sativa strain, this one has a terpinolene-dominant terpene. 

The strain made its way over from Holland and is an award-winning strain ideal for enhancing moods.

Super Silver Haze is great for doing work and being creative. The strain is a cross between Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, offering energetic and long-lasting highs. 

4. Green Crack – Another member of the Sativa strain, Green Crack, has a myrcene-dominant terpene. 

This strain’s lineage comes from Skunk 1 and is primarily helpful for exercise. Green Crack gives users a mental buzz to help get them through the day. 

With a fruity and tangy taste, it’s great for a daytime strain. It rests at number four on our list due to its sweet earthy flavors that assist in unlocking what cerebral effects are about. 

5. Runtz – First on our list in the hybrid strain category, Runtz’s dominant terpene is caryophyllene stemming from a combination of Gelato and Zkittlez. 

This one is best used for conversations with friends. Runtz is named after a sweet candy and is a smooth, welcoming strain with a creamy taste offered in a range of colors from purple to light green. 

Known as a dessert strain Runtz has easy, long-lasting effects with sugary smells coming right from the bag. It’s already been crossed to make other strains and comes in berry and cookie flavors. 

6. White Widow – Another hybrid, White Widow’s dominant terpene, is myrcene. 

Best used for hanging out with friends and getting creative. The strain’s lineage comes from South America and South Indian Indica. 

As one of the most famous strains worldwide, White Widow was first bred in the Netherlands in the ‘90s under Green House Seeds. 

Best known for its thick layer of trichomes, it looks white (hence the name). This strain gives a burst of euphoria and energy good for stimulating conversations. 

7. Cherry Pie – Cherry Pie, a hybrid strain, is dominated by myrcene terpenes and is a combination of the Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison strains. 

This one is best for listening to music and seeing friends. The name comes from the sweet and sour aroma it gives off, reminiscent of cherry pie. 

Cherry Pie’s buds are dense and have orange hairs with a touch of purple. It hits you quickly and hangs around for a while. 

8. Harlequin – The first on our list to be of the CBD-dominant strain, like many of the others, Harlequin’s dominant terpene is myrcene. 

A combination of Columbian Gold, Thai, and Swiss Sativa, its best used for completing work, listening to music, and being creative. Flavors include earthy and sweet mango.

This CBD-rich strain helps users stay focused and manage pain without a strong feeling of intoxication offered by other THC-focused strains. This is one reason it attracts quite an interest. 

9. Blue Dream – Another hybrid, Blue Dream’s dominant terpene, is myrcene. Its lineage is made up of Blueberry and Haze. 

Like the one listed above, it’s best used for being creative and listening to music. Originating in California, Blue Dream offers a balance of relaxation with cerebral invigoration, easing users into a calm-like-euphoria. 

Blue Dream comes in berry flavor and can be found in many parts of the world due to its calming effects being so popular. 

10. Jack Herer – Yet another Sativa strain. Jack Herer is the first on our list to have a terpinolene-dominant terpene. 

Its parent strains are Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk, making it compatible with creative activities and being a couch potato. 

The Jack Herer strain offers cerebral elevation and has a spicy, woodsy smell, winning many awards for potency and quality. 

11. Strawberry Cough – Strawberry Cough is a Sativa strain with a dominant myrcene terpene. 

This strain is a combo of Haze and Strawberry Fields. Strawberry Cough pairs well with visiting friends, conversations, and chilling out at home.

Best recognized for its strawberry smell and ability to make even veteran smokers cough, Strawberry Cough invokes your senses through cerebral effects, leaving behind a smile.

12. Mimosa – Another hybrid member, Mimosa’s dominant terpene is myrcene, and its parent strains are Clementine and Purple Punch. 

Best used as pre-gamer or for lazy Sundays, Mimosa is a multi-award winner. The strain combines an approachable citrus taste with Sativa-dominant effects.

13. Northern Lights – First on our list from the Indica strain, this one also has myrcene as its dominant terpene. 

Combining Afghani and Thai strains, Northern Lights works best for chilling on the couch, doing absolutely nothing, and hangover relief. 

As one of the most popular strains, this strain has many related hybrids. Loved for its resinous buds and pungently sweet and spiciness, Northern Lights helps to relax and soothe its users. 

14. AK-47 – Part of the hybrid strain, AK-47’s lineage is South American, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani. 

The strain is compatible with making conversation and meditation. Despite its provoking name, AK-47 is great for relaxation and mellow sociability. 

It has a unique sour but earthy smell with hints of floral. Its rich flavoring accounts for its place on the list. 

15. Acapulco Gold – Our final on the list and final Sativa strain, Acapulco Gold, is the last of our myrcene dominants. 

This strain comes in round nuggets decorated with orange hairs and smells of burnt toffee. Acapulco Gold is popular for its stimulating buzz and has a reputation for being one of the best strains out there. 

How To Protect Your Favorite Buds From Getting Too Dry Or Moist

Depending on where you live and where you store your buds, humidity, or lack of it, can harm your weed. 

Keeping your cannabis products at the proper moisture levels can help you get more from your flower. 

When the humidity for your cannabis is at the ideal level, it will help enhance your experience and protect against buds getting too dry or too moist, and even save you from contamination such as molding. 

This is why 2-way humidity control products are an ideal solution to keeping the correct moisture levels.

Humidi-Cure™ 2-Way Humidity Control Weed Packs

Ideally, you are already storing your cannabis buds inside an airtight glass container such as a Mason jar or something similar. 

Even if you do not use a Mason Jar or other similar containers and keep your cannabis inside regular plastic bags, adding weed moisture packs does wonders for your bud. 

These cannabis humidity packs make storing your weed at the correct humidity levels easy by just throwing one into your container or bag, and you’re ready to go! 

Depending on how many flowers you consume, our packs come in multiple sizes to fit the needs of all kinds of users. 

To make things better and even easier, our packs come with free RH level indicator cards that accurately measure the moisture levels in your container or bag. 

HumidiShield™ 2-Way Humidity Control Weed Jars

Our moisture-controlling weed jars prove that not all storage containers for your cannabis are created equally. 

We hope you’ve moved on from the Ziploc bag life to a more suitable container choice like a Mason jar or something similar for your sake and your best buds. 

If you really want an upgrade like no other, you’ll want to try these humi jars with advanced proprietary technology built inside the jar lid. 

Our jar lids also have an RH level humidity control indication fastened inside the lid so you can easily measure the moisture levels inside for peace of mind. The ideal RH level for cannabis is around 62%.

HumidiShield™ 2-way humidity control jar for weed

ruksak™ 2-Way Humidity Control Weed Bags

If you’re a long-time cannabis user, you are probably pretty familiar with storing your buds inside a plastic bag. 

We’ve come a long way since the dime bag days, and our ruksak™ 2-way moisture-controlling bags for cannabis are proof of that. 

It’s common to see bags in today’s cannabis industry feature UV protection tints, childproof zippers, and airtight capabilities. 

Our ruksak™ bags have those same features but contain a very important difference that other bags don’t; advanced 2-way humidity control technology is built inside the bag – keeping your buds fresh for months and allowing you to enjoy every session.

Which strains mentioned above have you tried? Did you enjoy the experience? Let us know in the comments.

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