7 Companies Leading The Way In The Cannabis Industry

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The cannabis industry has exploded in recent years. Not only has it grown like a beautiful cannabis plant, but it’s also changed a lot. The industry has many sectors that touch the areas of tech, sustainability, legal, products and services, and more. Here are some of the leading brands, from quality pre-rolls to handy weed-finder apps.


As one of California’s leading suppliers of pre-roles, Canndescent has revolutionized the cannabis industry by defying past conventions and elevating the customer experience.

Founded in 2015, Canndescent’s family of brands has delivered affordable, quality products that are sustainably produced.

They were also among the first brands to drop traditional strain names in favor of informative descriptions that have streamlined the customer experience.


At the crossroads of big cannabis and big tech lies Weedmaps. This service provides customers with everything they need to know regarding cannabis products, online ordering, and local retailer listings.

Through their website and mobile app, Weedmaps focuses on helping customers find weed wherever they are and providing educational material on the legal status of cannabis.


Leafly is the most trusted comprehensive resource for strain information and cannabis education. With over 5,000 strains in their database, Leafly has established themselves as the go-to destination for cannabis research.

Every year, Leafly connects millions of shoppers with leading brands worldwide. They are the leading customer acquisition tool for cannabusinesses of all sizes, and their commitment to social responsibility has allowed the cannabis community to thrive.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a vertically integrated company that specializes in the production of hemp-based health supplements. The company is structured so that every step of the process is accounted for, ensuring quality products that meet FDA standards.

Charlotte’s Web’s story begins in 2011 after the Stanley Brothers developed their own proprietary hemp genetics. Seeing the potential for hemp-based goods, they launched their brand.

The brothers have made great strides in changing the general public’s perception of cannabinoid products, earning positive coverage from major media outlets like CNN.

Green Thumb

Green Thumb is a leading cannabis CPG company that exists under a single guiding principle: grow and provide people with safe, high-quality cannabis.

Their passion for people has made Green Thumb one of the leading voices in the marijuana business, making cannabis products more accessible to those who genuinely need them.

Green thumb’s diverse brand portfolio and dedication to social responsibility initiatives have made them one of the sector’s fastest-growing businesses, with no signs of slowing.


Founded in 2010, KushCo enables clients to succeed and grow by offering the best in vaporizers, hardware, and child-resistant packaging. KushCo has sold over a billion units and offers regular servicing across North America, South America, and Europe.

C3 Industries

Spanning multiple states, including Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Oregon, C3 Industries is dedicated to producing and distributing high-quality cannabis products.

They possess a state-of-the-art cultivation facility that supplies their numerous retail locations. Since 2018, they have expanded their operation across the country and continue to promote the benefits of recreational cannabis.


When it comes to the cannabis industry, it’s unique for so many different reasons. For starters, they are the many great and diverse companies solving real problems like the ones above within the industry, helping pave the industry’s future. 

Many of the top companies within the cannabis space also have a deep focus on giving back, community building, and sustainability. It’s not uncommon to see companies with programs pledging incentives, such as contributing to members of society who have been incarcerated due to nonviolent offenses involving cannabis usage or possession. 

On the note of legality, the plant’s legal status creates many hurdles and challenges that companies like these face and overcome regularly. However, the future looks bright and exciting as pot companies successfully navigate these waters in what feels like a rapidly evolving industry while simultaneously bringing about innovation

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