Our Experience At MJBizCon Fall 2022 In Las Vegas

This year’s Fall 2022 MJBizCon came at an interesting time due to federal marijuana reform announced on November 16th.

MJBizCon is one the largest trade shows in the cannabis industry, where many brands, thought leaders, and enthusiasts come together. 

Entrance at MJBizCon Fall 2022 in Las Vegas, NV

With thousands of people convening in one location, MJBizCon featured the largest expo hall in it’s history, with close to 280,000 square feet spread out on two floors of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall. The exhibition floor was divided into four main sections around products and services: cultivation, processing, retail, and business. 

With over 1,400 exhibitors, we were proud to be one of them and to have the opportunity to showcase our innovative 2-way humidity control solutions for the cannabis community. 

High-Profile Speakers At Mjbizcon Fall 2022

There were 180 speakers ranging from CEOs, innovators, celebrities, activists, and more, discussing an array of critical industry topics.

The Main Speakers Included:

Other Key Speakers:

Our Experience At The Conference

This was our first time attending MJBizCon, and it was a great overall experience. 

ATMOSIScience team and booth #4442 at MJBizCon

Multiple of our team members attended the conference and operated our booth (#4442), which featured company and product pamphlets, product demonstration videos, and samples of our 2-way humidity control products: 

ATMOSIScience Inc. 2-way humidity control solutions

During the event, we were all hands on deck – setting up our booth, meeting attendees, explaining our products, absorbing the valuable information from the speakers, exploring the venue, and checking out the other innovative products, services, and organizations. 

ATMOSIScience team explaining our 2-way humidity control products

Wilson Huang, an ATMOSIScience member, met with company members from Calyx, Griffin Greenhouse Supplies, (light company), and many others while at the event. 

ATMOSIScience team member with Calyx Containers team member
ATMOSIScience team with Griffin Greenhouse Supplies at MJBizCon
ATMOSIScience team with a member from the global company, Phillips

Wilson stated, “we had a blast connecting with the community at MJBizCon 2022.” 

He took away some key insights from the event about the cannabis market:

The Good:

  • Sales keep skyrocketing
  • People are looking for greener solutions
  • State growth happening
  • Market launches/launched: VT, MT, NJ, NM, RI, NY, CT
  • Election wins: MD, MO
  • POTUS addresses marijuana
  • Celebrities start to endorse cannabis brands (spotted Mike Tyson at MJBizCon)
  • Germany advances legalization

The Bad:

  • Wholesale prices plummeting in California
  • An industry in flux w/ growing pains
  • Mature markets stagnating
  • Election losses: AR, ND, SD
  • D8 emerging as a large concern
  • Diversity sorely lacking
  • Macro Economic Forces: Inflation, Stock market slump, supply chain, Ukraine war, Overall investment pullback

Empowering Women in the Cannabis Industry

One of our team members who attended the event, Sabrina Chen, was impressed by the cannabis industry’s focus on empowering women. 

“My biggest impression of MJBizCon is its dedication to empowering women in the cannabis industry. MJBizCon gives women-owned companies a stand-up sign at their booth and provides women’s networking sessions throughout the show.”

Sabrina also stated, “As a woman-owned company, we appreciate having the opportunity to show our clients that our scientist and founder is female and connect with other amazing female growers, retailers, and distributors in the industry, as well as support each other.”

While at the event, she was also happy to learn that “there is a genuine need for our humidity control products based on the feedback of people visiting our booth. The most common feedback I heard from them is that they hope they know our products earlier since we have great quality (no leaking issue) and are reasonably priced.”

Rapid Growth in the Cannabis Industry

Another one of our team members who attended, Rebecca Yang, was amazed to see the cannabis industry’s growth. 

After attending the conference, she stated, “I realized the cannabis industry has developed rapidly and diversified. 

Cannabis product display at MJBizCon Fall 2022

She continued, “Different worldwide companies and scholars came here for the new technology, inspired and surprised by our product, which is incredibly motivating and inspiring for me as a part of the group.”


It was an action-packed two days of attending the event. We left with warm memories, strengthened existing relationships, and created new ones. 

Cameron Langley, an ATMOSISciecne team member who attended the event, said, “we spent quality time with previous business partners and had an opportunity to create new relationships and bonds throughout the week. Very honored to be a part of this family-style industry where we all build each other up daily.”

ATMOSIScience Inc. team members talking to attendees at MJBizCon 

He continued, “it’s always a pleasure to attend the biggest Cannabis Expo this industry has to offer. 

We enjoyed the opportunity to view other innovative cannabis products and services, learn critical information about the industry from thought leaders, be a part of such a great community, and so much more. We’re excited to attend again in the future!

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