6 Tools That Pot Growers & Cultivators Can’t Live Without

Person using tools to trim cannabis plant

Having the right tools is essential for maximizing the yield of any crop, especially in the case of cannabis. Whether you’re growing for yourself or commercial purposes, these basic tools will help you maximize your crop output and the overall quality of your weed.

  1. Eye Protection

Particularly for indoor growers, spending long spans of time under LED lighting can damage your eyes. When managing a successful garden, maintaining your own health is just as important as maintaining your plants.

  1. Plant Sex ID Kit

Anyone who’s had experience cultivating cannabis knows that dealing with male plants can be one of the most frustrating parts of the process.

When starting a new seed, it’s impossible to know if the plant will grow into a male or female, so you may cull unnecessary males from your garden each time.

Fortunately, early detection plant sex ID kits have been developed to help mitigate this exact issue.

Each kit is equipped to determine a plant’s sex just two weeks after seed germination. Whether you’re an advanced grower, or a novice starting your first seed, you won’t regret having this tool in your arsenal.

  1. Magnifying Glass

When harvesting time comes around, looking at your plant’s trichomes is the best way to determine if it’s ready to be picked.

Unfortunately, most trichomes are too small for the naked eye to discern, which is where a magnifying glass can come in handy.

Not only can a powerful magnifying help you detect the maturity of your crop, but it can also be used to identify contaminants like bud rot, pests, and other impurities so that you can actively prevent problems in your garden before they grow out of your control. 

  1. 2-Way Humidity Control Products

Controlling your cannabis humidity levels is crucial for the final outcome of your harvest. Marijuana needs precise humidity levels to thrive, which is around 55-65%, depending on your wants and needs. 2-way humidity control products are ideal for maintaining the proper moisture levels by repelling and adding moisture automatically as needed. 

  1. Thermometer/Humidity Gauge

A must-have for cannabis growers of all levels. Installing a basic temperature and humidity monitoring system will save you hours of troubleshooting. A delicate balance of humidity and temperature is necessary for cannabis to grow and thrive. Monitoring these levels in your garden can save you thousands of dollars in failed crops.

  1. PH Meter

One of the more underrated and misunderstood tools on this list, having a PH meter is a must for anyone that cultivates cannabis. What’s important is that you have some way of testing the acidity levels of your crop. Litmus strips serve as an effective, low-cost option, but you can upgrade to a digital reader for a few dollars more.

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