This Sustainable Product Aims To Disrupt The Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry is known for its fast-paced trends and the constant cycle of new collections, which has contributed significantly to the unsustainability of the industry. Our product, the Invisible Desiccant, is taking a significant step to help solve sustainability within the fashion industry.

Traditional desiccants are typically discarded after a garment has been purchased, perpetuating unsustainability within the fashion industry due to a lack of innovation. These desiccants can be unattractive and sometimes damage garments by leaving indentations on delicate materials such as silk. 

Silica gel clothing packs

Our patented Invisible Desicaccnt is going to change this by offering clothing brand owners the chance to help increase their brand’s sustainability efforts due to our desiccant being made with biodegradable plant fibers, which function as the brand tag for each garment that comes with a brand tag. 

Brand Tag & ATMOSIScience Fiber Desiccant 2-in-1

Brand Tag & ATMOSIScience Fiber Desiccant 2-in-1 

This feature also helps clothing brands separate themselves within this crowded space, helping position themselves as high-end brands and allowing for creativity by customizing the desiccants into different sizes, shapes, and logo designs. 

Invisible Desiccants in different shapes & sizes by ATMOSIScience Inc.

Our Invisible Desiccants are also reusable, a crucial sustainability factor, instead of throwing them away like traditional desiccants. The desiccants will become soft to the touch when they reach full capacity and can be air-dried until they turn hard for continued usage. 

The advanced humidity control technology is built into our invisible Desiccants allowing the moisture absorption capacity to reach 1.5 times its weight at RH 90% and 25°C, five times higher than silica gel desiccants. Unlike silica gel desiccants, they are safe and reliable for consumers, with no risk of leakage. 

Why We Created The Invisible Desiccants

We understand how moisture hurts the quality of garments and how they deteriorate throughout their value chain, from manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation to retailing, if not made, packaged, or stored in a dry environment. 

Value chain for the fashion industry

Moisture can cause odor, mold, and changes in the size of garments and creates losses to brands and environmental pollution. We wanted to use our patented fiber to create desiccants that absorb more moisture than the existing desiccant products in the market.

We also wanted brand owners to be able to express their creativity by customizing the shape, size, and design of our Invisible Desiccants, as well as enhance the packing and unpacking experience for both brands and consumers – providing discreet and effective moisture control that doesn’t detract from the appearance of the product. 

Invisible Desiccants are The Dryness You Can Trust, giving consumers another reason to love your brand. 

ATMOSIScience Desiccant - The Dryness You Can Trust

We are revolutionizing how you care for your garments with other innovative products throughout the value chain, such as the following products:

  • Flat-Surface Fiber Desiccant Bags – Bags with Flat Surfaces is an ideal solution for protecting garments during storage and transportation.
  • Thin Fiber Desiccant Strip – Highly effective strips that absorb moisture and prevent mold and mildew. Ideal for items like shoes contained inside shoe boxes.
  • Shipping Container Desiccants – Large strips for the inside of shipping containers to protect and control garment moisture levels during transit.

More About ATMOSIScience Inc.

Based out of California, our company, ATMOSIScience Inc., provides humidity control solutions for farming, manufacturing, logistics, and packaging industries. 

Our founder, Dr. Sandra Shen, is the scientist behind our innovative products and has created the most innovative company for non-mechanical humidity control products and solutions markets.

ATMOSIScience owns more than 40 patents worldwide (five in the U.S.A.) and has accumulated over 20 years of experience serving numerous world-renowned companies in overcoming humidity control and dryness protection challenges. 

Contact us today to learn how we can make a difference in your brand’s future! 

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