62% RH 2-Way Humidity Control Packet,3Pack Compostable Curing and Storage Set(1LBFlat&1LB Standing&7G Humidity Bags) for Herb,Flowers


  • 【BUILT-IN 2-WAY HUMIDITY CONTROL】The ruksak bags incorporate a U.S. patented fiber that regulates the Relative Humidity (RH) level inside the bag at 62%.This ensures that the herbs maintain the ideal water content throughout the supply chain. The fiber absorbs excess water if the herbs are too wet and releases water if they are too dry. This humidity control helps protect the herbs’ terpenes, which contribute to their smell, flavor, potency, and weight. No additional humidity packet is required.
  • 【INCREASED HERB SELLING PRICE】By maintaining the optimal water level for herbs, the ruksak bags help prevent them from being overly dry, which often happens to prevent growth. This means that herbs can be sold at their intended weight without compromising their quality. The fiber used in the bags can hold and release up to 9g of water while maintaining the RH at 62%, allowing you to optimize the weight of your herbs by preserving the necessary water.
  • 【TIME AND COST SAVINGS, IMPROVED CURING QUALITY】Proper curing of herbs enhances their quality, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. The ruksak 1 lb bags address this dilemma by enabling the herbs to continue curing even after they are sealed, transported, and stored. The bags serve a dual purpose of both curing and storage. With the fiber layered across the entire bag surface, a consistent cure for the entire 1 lb of herbs can be achieved.
  • 【WINDOWED, SEALABLE, AND LONG LASTING】The ruksak 1 lb bags feature a window, allowing you to view the contents without opening the bag. The bags can be sealed to maintain freshness and preserve the herbs. The fiber used in the bags has a lifespan of up to 12 months. Once this period elapses, the bags can still be used as regular storage bags without humidity control.
  • 【ABOUT ATMOSISCIENCE】ruksak 2-way humidity control bag is an invention by ATMOSIScience. Atmosiscience Inc. is the most innovative 2-way humidity control solution provider in the industry. With more than 40 patents worldwide, we have in the past 20 years assisted world-renowned companies in protecting the value of their products through science-based humidity control solutions.


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