10 Game-Changing Dispensaries In The US

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The U.S. cannabis industry has seen astounding growth in the past few years. The growing legalization and shift in public perception toward recreational cannabis have resulted in many dispensaries nationwide. 

Here are 10 game-changing dispensaries to look out for:


The dispensary strives to bring you the relief you need in a product you can trust. Their products are hand-grown in a climate-controlled facility. They use top-of-the-line equipment to block out unwanted pests and chemical contamination. This equipment is specifically designed for this purpose.

Trulieve believes that mother nature knows best. That’s why they leave nothing to chance. It’s also why their specially-trained staff works one-on-one with your physician, cutting zero corners in ensuring you have the products and dosage you need.

Diego Pellicer Worldwide

Developed as the world’s first “premium marijuana” brand, Diego Pellicer seeks to elevate the consumer retail experience by offering a luxury alternative to other retail dispensaries.

The company focuses on acquiring and developing real estate that meets legal standards.

They lease this real estate to companies in the cannabis industry with state licenses. The company also owns and manages a number of branded locations in Colorado and Washington.


For the past decade, Curaleaf’s mission has been to provide patients with quality cannabis for health and wellness. Focused on more than just cannabis, Curaleaf prides itself on uniting people of all backgrounds with their love of cannabis.

They offer a variety of products and provide consultations with expert staff to help you find exactly what you need.

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This high-end dispensary is often described as the “Apple Store of dispensaries.” The L.A.-based medical marijuana company, MedMen has taken a Silicon Valley approach to cannabis, crafting a customer experience that suits the demands of the modern age in their high-end retail spaces.

With multiple locations in major U.S. cities on both the east and west coasts, their minimalist interiors feature white walls, exposed brick, modernist flourishes, and touchscreen menus. 

The company has undergone a series of ownership changes and challenges since starting, but it has definitely become an iconic staple for high-end luxury cannabis products and store layouts. 

Dispensary 33

Based in Chicago, IL, Dispensary 33 has earned widespread recognition for their artful approach to the marijuana business. Their location features vibrant murals and classy displays that look straight out of a museum.

Being the first medical marijuana dispensary in Chicago, Dispensary 33 recognizes the impact of their work, striving to make relief more accessible in the city.

As marijuana legalization has gained traction over the years and more competition has emerged, Cannabis 33 has never lost touch with the community they pride themselves on serving.

Bud and Bloom

Recognized as one of the most beautiful dispensaries in the U.S., Bud and Bloom’s retail is space is a modernist cannabis enthusiast’s dream. With soaring ceilings, wide plank flooring, and elegant displays, this dispensary could easily be mistaken for a fancy microbrewery. 

They aren’t just in it for the aesthetics though. Bud and Bloom were one of the first dispensaries in Orange County to receive a recreational marijuana license, and they are actively involved in community outreach programs aimed at helping seniors in the area.

Urbn Leaf

Serving quality products in a trendy chic environment, Urbn leaf is SoCal’s premiere destination for all things cannabis. From beginners to connoisseurs, Urbn Leaf wants to make sure that you do, look, and feel good.

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People’s OC

Full stop, one of the best dispensaries in California, period. People’s OC is one of the biggest retail spaces of its kind, with spacious, tasteful interiors that highlight the vast selection of quality products on offer. Their curated cannabis experience is designed to empower all people on their cannabis journey.

Native Roots

One of Colorado’s best-designed and most successful chains of dispensaries, Native Roots is constantly setting the bar for an elevated consumer experience. Since 2010, Native Roots has partnered with some of the best product manufacturers in the industry, carefully crafting a diverse catalog with a little bit of something for everyone.


Serra, purveyors of quality drugs since 2016. Through a carefully crafted experience, Serra seeks to transform the public perception of cannabis for the better. 

No corners are cut in ensuring that Serra’s selection features only the highest quality available. By partnering with premier brands, Serra delivers a retail dispensary experience unlike any other.

Have you ever visited any of these dispensaries before? If so, how was the experience and would you recommend it? Let us know in the comments!

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