Humidi-Cure 4Pack RH49% 2-Way Humidity Control Packet for Music Wood Instruments,Guita with RH Indicator Card, Size 60g


  • 【2-Way Humidity Control Packs】: Wooden instrument Humidity are made of double layered breathable film and fiber which contains a U.S. patented formulation.It’s used to maintain the RH level in a microenvironment by absorbing and releasing moisture, from and into, the microenvironment it is placed in, together with the product to be protected.With the protection from Humidity Packet, guita,wood instruments will never be too wet or too dry.
  • 【Easy Use】: Just tear the clear plastic wrap and place RH62% humidity pack in an air tight container with the products you want to protect.Then place one relative RH indicator card in the air tight container.Match the color of the center circle dot with the outer color wheel to find out the RH level in the container.Change the packet when the color matching indicates it’s time to do so.3X faster in achieving the desired RH level in an airtight container and works for 3-6 months after activation.
  • 【Relative Humidity (RH) Indicator Card】: With a complimentary RH Test Kit, which is so easy to use and always keep you updated on the RH level in the container.Each package of cigar humidor packets contains one or more RH Indicator Card. Making measure RH easier than ever!Humidi-Cure can deliver a precision of ±2% for the RH level it claims to achieve, provided the storage environment is not extremely warm, wet, or too much of opening done to the container; and the right packet size is used.
  • 【Suitable for Wood Instruments】: Simply place a 49% 60g Humidi-Cure 2-Way Humidity Control Packet for acoustic guitar, ukuleles, electric guitars, basses, violins, violas, mandolins, banjos, clarinets and other wooden instruments. You will never again be disappointed with the musical product which is either too wet or too dry.
  • 【About Humidi-Cure】: We gives you peace of mind by providing a no-leak and non-corrosive care for your precious products. Humid-Cure maintain the desired Relative Humidity (RH) level in your container (at the precision of ±2%) using fiber with a U.S. patented formulation. And it is safe for food contact.If you have any questions, please contact us at any time, we will reply to you within 24 hours and help you solve the problem.


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