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BUILT-IN 2-WAY HUMIDITY CONTROL:  A U.S. patented fiber is integrated into the ruksak bag to control the humidity level in the bag. NO humidity pack is required to achieve and maintain an RH of 62%  in the bag, hence there will be NO risk for friction between any object with your herbs in the bag. There will be NO risk of leaking from humidity packs that may contain liquid. Keeping your herbs in a ruksak bag with an optimal level of RH will keep their flavor, smell, freshness, and potency at their best. Fret not if your herbs are too wet or too dry when they are placed in a ruksak, our technology will REJUVENATE your products to the right moisture level. You can use it for curing or storing your herbs. If your herbs were not cured perfectly, they can continue to be cured when you are storing them in a ruksak bag.

PORTABLE AND BEST FOR TRAVEL: ruksak RH62% 2-way humidity control bag is lightweight and portable. It is ideal for 7g of herbs. When you are traveling outdoors,  your herbs need protection to stay fresh. This bag safeguards your herbs when you are hanging out with your friends in the evening, or traveling outdoor for boating, fishing, or camping for a weekend. It’s small enough to slide into your backpack. It’s 7″ X 4.3″ in size.

OPAQUE AND CHILD-RESISTANT CERTIFIED: Rest assured that no one could see the content in the bag, and it will NOT attract the kids’ attention. ruksak is certified child-resistant and senior-friendly in the U.S., Canada, and the EU. Please see the instructions on how to open the bags, it’s easy for you, but not for your children!

REUSABLE, RESEALABLE, AND LONG LASTING: ruksak 2-way humidity control bag is sturdy and its humidity control fiber can last for up to 12 months. Follow the instructions on how to zip the bag after every opening to make sure it functions at its best for precise humidity control. After 12 months, you can continue to use the bag like any other storage bag but without the humidity control. It will continue to be waterproof, smell-proof, and light-proof. You will not want to use any other bag for your precious herbs anymore after you tried ruksak.

【About ATMOSIScience】: ruksak 2-way humidity control bag is an invention by ATMOSIScience. Atmosiscience Inc. is the most innovative 2-way humidity control solution provider in the industry. With more than 30 patents worldwide, we have in the past 20 years assisted world-renowned companies in protecting the value of their products through science-based humidity control solutions. Humidity control is essential to herbs’ quality. We are committed to helping cultivators, brand owners, retailers, and consumers in overcoming their challenges with humidity control. We provide various choices for 2-way humidity control solutions that are precise, user-friendly, and eco-friendly to meet our client’s different needs – making Your HUMIDITY. Your CHOICE.

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