7 Amazing Canadian Cannabis Companies

Canadian flag and cannabis plants

Since legalizing marijuana in 2018, Canada’s cannabis industry has seen rapid growth in a relatively short span of time. Here are some of the hottest and most innovative cannabis companies that have come out of the Great White North in recent years.

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is a licensed distributor of both medical and consumer cannabis products.

Based in Alberta, Canada, Aurora has multiple divisions that specialize in various areas of the cannabis industry, such as cannabidiol products (CBD) and indoor cultivation equipment.

In fact, Aurora is one of the most active distributors of CBD products in the U.S., where they trade under the name ACB.

Canopy Growth Corp.

In 2013, Canadian cannabis companies Tweed Marijuana and Bedrocan Canada merged, creating Canopy Growth Corp.

Based in Ontario, Canopy Growth is a highly respected forerunner in the Canadian cannabis industry.

In 2019, they briefly held the title of the largest cannabis company worldwide. The company’s founders have used their political clout to advocate for the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana.


A subsidiary of Tilray Medical, Aphiria operates predominantly in the medical sector of the cannabis industry.

The company has been touted for its numerous social responsibility initiatives, such as helping Canadian veterans by promoting cannabis-based treatments for physical and mental health issues.


A newcomer in the recreational marijuana sector, OrganiGram has been dealing mainly with the medical side of the cannabis industry for several years.

Despite encountering pesticide-related legal troubles a few years back, the Ontario-based company is projected to grow rapidly with no signs of stopping.

Many of their products are only offered to medical patients. However, the company has made it exceedingly easy to gain this status through their website.


Tilray is a Canadian company that specializes in cannabis cultivation and medical cannabis research.

They are also involved in the processing and distribution of their cannabis products, which include dried cannabis and cannabis extracts.

It’s worth noting that Tilray is currently in the process of merging with another company on this list — Aphria.


Praised as leaders of innovation within the cannabis industry, HEXO has received numerous awards, such as Master Grower OTY and Innovative Product OTY.

Despite these accolades, many within the industry still haven’t heard of HEXO. This is because HEXO presides over a large family of respected brands, such as:


Like other companies on this list, Cronos is an innovative global cannabinoid company specializing in advancing cannabis research.

Cronos has worked to elevate the cannabis consumer experience by building a diverse portfolio of international brands, such as:

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