Your cigars being too wet or too dry? Fret not! Just place them in a ruksak ™, and they will be “revitalized” to their best in no time.

ruksak™ is a 2-way humidity control bag which is one of its kind. This bag is made with proprietary films and a built-in 2-way humidity control membrane which regulates the microclimate in the bag throughout its lifespan. It is certified child resistant and the membrane contains a U.S. patented formulation.

The bags can be custom made to meet different needs for RH levels, sizes, and aesthetic designs. It is lightweight, sturdy, light and odor resistant, and always maintains the climate required for the products in the bag. You can have peace of mind for as long as 12 months for the freshness, potency, aroma, and weight of the products in the bags, without going through the hassle of changing any humidity packets.

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