We are experts in creating and maintaining the right climate of the microenvironment for your products. But what if your product’s microenvironment is not too “micro”, and the cost of operating the various mechanical humidity control equipment is hurting your bottom line? Look no further, Humigic ™is the solution.

Humigic™ is a 2-way humidity control solution which works with any confined environment, not limited to its size. It has by far gathered strong recognition in the artifact protection industry.

Humigic™ consists of 2-way humidity control building materials and an intelligent
microclimate control system.

The building materials are lightweight and easy to assemble “planks” that are made of inorganic materials, for e.g., vermiculite, attapulgite; and hydrophilic composites, that have the ability to absorb and release moisture on its own, to achieve the relative humidity (RH) needed for the microenvironment. We have invented the technology to tailor make these “planks” for different RH levels, to cater them for different needs and purposes.

The intelligent microclimate control system captures and reports data on humidity and temperature. This data can be kept and tracked at all times, on mobile devices and computers, on site or remote. Its sensors trigger the mechanical equipment (aircon, ventilator, humidifier, etc.) to switch on (or off), when additional help to maintain the targeted RH is needed (or not needed). With the usage of 2 way humidity control building materials, the usage of mechanical equipment can be reduced to the minimal. The total solution has witnessed a reduction in power consumption of as high as 80%.

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