2-way humidity control packets are not new to the market. 2-way humidity control packets made without any liquid, are new.

Humidi-Cure ™ is a 2 way humidity control packet designed to protect  cannabis, hemp, and cigars, from losing their aroma, taste, and potency. Humidi Cure ™ absorbs and releases moisture to create and maintain the relative humidity (RH) level in the
microenvironment it is made to achieve. It can be used in the curing, packaging, and storage. The packets come in different levels of relative humidity (RH) and sizes, catered to the product to be protected, its volume, and its storage environment. And
customization services are available.
The packets do not contain any liquid and are made of natural material. It does not leak so you don’t run the risk of wetting your cannabis or cigars, while creating the right climate for them in a bag or container. The formulation inside the packets is a patented technology in the U.S.A..
No intervention is required while using Humidi Cure ™, for up to 120 days. An indicator card that shows the RH level in the container/ packaging will keep the users informed on the humidity condition in the containers at all time. You do not need to touch the packet until you need to replace it with a new one.

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