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Humidi-Cure™ for Cannabis

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From seed to consumption, we provide the right humidity control solutions for every step in producing and safeguarding your precious herbs

Humidity control is essential for producing high quality cannabis flowers. Fungi, mold , and other pathogens start to grow when the buds are too wet; while the terpenes, the gem of the plants, start to lose its potency, flavor and aroma, when the environment gets too dry. Cannabis flowers also lose their weight when they are too dry, and weight means dollars. Making sure the buds contain the right amount of moisture at all times before they are consumed is often a daunting task.

Many methods and products the cannabis industry players use for humidity control are either not meeting the goals, or would break the bank. They either provide just 1 way humidity control (only absorb OR release moisture), do not create and maintain the precise relative humidity (RH) level needed for the microenvironment for a long duration of time, are only suitable for a small area, or simply consume too much of energy.

All ATMOSIScience’s products provide 2 way humidity control at a precise relative humidity (RH) level. They come in different formats , i.e. packets, bags, discs, building materials, and are suitable for different purposes along the cannabis value chain, from seed to consumption.

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